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Heartstoppers is  the  best, most-reviewed and top-rated haunted house in the Sacramento area by Yelp, Facebook and Google.

We don’t have to lie about our testimonials or our reviews. Heartstoppers genuinely wants to make sure everyone is having fun and we don’t ask or pay anyone for their reviews. Now, we can rave on and on about how we are the best, and why we are the best, but we will just show you what other people say…

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Facebook & Google Reviews

Glenn Toof Avatar
Glenn Toof

Pretty good for the money! People love this place! I go every year. Definitely on the higher end of haunted houses!

Rhonda Gage Avatar
Rhonda Gage

My Favorite haunt in our area... worth seeing EVERY YEAR... often twice... great location, lots of parking, get in on the early bird ticket purchase before they open... buy on line...

Take the family... not too small of kids...

No one touches you... have fun!

Erika K. Thomas Avatar
Erika K. Thomas

The best!

Billy Ray Avatar
Billy Ray

I work there as A Volunteer Billy Gray

Chris Taylor Avatar
Chris Taylor

Sarah Donaldson Avatar
Sarah Donaldson

Love this place, workers are great and security is cool. Definitely recommend.

Shokiu Jane Avatar
Shokiu Jane

I had an amazing time when I went with my brother. The actors were amazing I had a favorite in particular he was outside and his make-up was skeleton like and very silent and creepy which was a very great twist. The props were very detailed and very fun to look at as well. The timing for the actors were perfect so I'm guessing they were trained well. All of the haunts were amazing and my favorite would have been the Asylum.

brian espinosa Avatar
brian espinosa

Awesome.. Just creepy enough!

Chris Taylor Avatar
Chris Taylor

Best Haunted Attraction in Northern California

Bruhnowhy Avatar

Super scary haunted house. Pretty sure i peed myself last time i was there.

Bay Rogers Avatar
Bay Rogers

Steven Hall Avatar
Steven Hall

Good family fun. Scary for all ages

Matt Polapink Avatar
Matt Polapink

Holy crap I need to sign a five page waiver to get my kid on a pony ride but here you hand over your cash and walk in. Not sure how they can do this without the lawyers shutting them down but get there before they do. 5 different haunts that are each worth the price of admission on their own. The actors were all amazing! Super scary, creepy and well done! From a parent perspective I would recommend that kids be at least 10 and brave ones at that. Beyond that if you have a good ticker and want... read more

Lindsay Zaragoza Avatar
Lindsay Zaragoza

Best haunted house in sac area. 4 houses total, I would recommend doing the Asylum and Deadands first as they are least scary, then Underland and end on the newest addition, it is great! But if you are claustrophobic, it does have a short moment, about 10-15 seconds depending on your pace that may frighten you. Very fun, worth the $25 per person.

Melisa Kay Avatar
Melisa Kay

Charlie Kryszewski Avatar
Charlie Kryszewski

My partner who is all about Halloween and the scary haunts did a search for places for us to go this year, and Heartstoppers was highly rated so we decided to come check you out. Our first time here, but certainly NOT the last. Such attention to detail was put into the lobby and all the decorations, you really felt like you were in a different time and place. Loved the cast member that came bursting out about 5 minutes before the doors opened. She kept her energy up the e... ntire time we were there and loved how she... read more

Trevor Kleist Avatar
Trevor Kleist

E J Avatar

Completely awesome and amazing!! Loved every minute of if!! Very scary!! I think I lost my voice from screaming so much!!

ok sami Avatar
ok sami


Becki Brazell-Born Avatar
Becki Brazell-Born

It is the best haunted house in Sacramento Area I like it the best when it is off hi 50 at the old mine shaft

Jesse O'Reilly Avatar
Jesse O'Reilly

Amazing haunted house

Jeremy Muse Avatar
Jeremy Muse

I'm scoring this compared to local haunts, not based on my experience at the theme parks. Went last night and had a great time. Thought the walk around characters were fantastic. The Sideshow maze was a bit short. The Tomb of Shadows is my favorite blackout maze for the year so far, including at the theme parks. The mix of pitch black, stuff on the walls, fabric in your way, and flashes of light with some good characters really was a step up from anything I've ever seen.... Awesome. Deadlands will always be my favorite, especially the spider room. The... read more

Eva Sppookky Foreman Avatar
Eva Sppookky Foreman

My first time at this haunt . Atmosphere gets A plus ! As soon as u walk in building it feels like Halloween ! Decor was great ! The actors really got into character. Everyone was fun and friendly . I can't vouch for scare factor cause haunted houses don't scare me but costumes and props were outstanding . Hands down the winner of the night goes to Malice in Underland ! Loved it ! A must stop for Halloween !!


If I could give 100 stars i would, I am kind of a baby in regards to spooky stuff and loved it. my girlfriend is the queen of spook and there were a lot of things that spooked her still. The entire experience was so amazing and immersing. The only drawback is they promised to stop my heart but from the depths of the old mines to the insane asylum upstairs my heart was racing the entire time. The cast and crew were so incredible and obviously dedicated. I'd say they are much better than any competing haunted houses but... read more


trunk of fun heartstoppers

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It is the best haunted house in Sacramento Area I like it the best when it is off hi 50 at the old mine shaft

Posted by Becki Brazell-Born on Monday, October 16, 2017

Make sure you get the red wrist bands! It will save you a ton of time in line!

Posted by Alyssa Ells on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Loooove this night of fright!!! Went last year for the first time and have been anticipating going back ever since. Makes you feel so alive!

Posted by Rachel Sarette on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yelp Reviews

Jessica W. Avatar
Jessica W.
5 star rating

Hands down the best / scariest haunted house experience I have ever had. I'm one for horror movies and this place definitely got my heart racing. All the actors are on point too! I never saw anyone break character.

Highly recommend experiencing this brilliant set up before Halloween is over! A special treat you won't want to miss .

Ashleigh S. Avatar
Ashleigh S.
5 star rating

Best Haunted House for the value. 4 Haunted Houses for $20! AWESOME! Malice was our favorite. Everything was great.  The characters and decorations were very well done. Everyone was really accommodating as well for little ones.

Dawn A. Avatar
Dawn A.
5 star rating

Heartstoppers is always my favorite haunted house. The downtown location was not the greatest but they made it work. Thanks again for another scary year.

Elias K. Avatar
Elias K.
5 star rating

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first stepped into the haunted house.

I was blown away. The setup and attention to detail and quality of props and use of lights/projections was on point.

The courses were rad, and spooky.

But one of them (not going to say which cause I don't wanna give anything away) one of them, was flat out terrifying.

Thanks for the terror. Great place

Mandy B. Avatar
Mandy B.
5 star rating

Let me tell you this was an awesome set of haunted houses! This by far was the best for 2012 in the area. They did a great job with their scares- some of their stuff looked like it was straight from a Saw movie. It was really fun being back in the Mine Shaft having mini-golfed there when I was little, I thought that was the coolest place ever. The haunted house that was down in the caves was such a great idea. their stuff was truly really scary. It was AWESOME! I hope they do it again for 2013... read more

Eva F. Avatar
Eva F.
5 star rating

First time at this attraction ! Atmosphere A plus ! The actors really get into character everyone we talked to was fun and friendly . I can't vouch for the scare factor cause haunted houses don't scare me but the props and costumes were awesome ! Hands down the winner for me was Malice in Underland ! Would recommend this as a must Halloween stop !

Donna S. Avatar
Donna S.
5 star rating

Awesome!!  Visited the other so called best haunted houses in the area and was not sure I would ever find a haunted house that was worth the money.  But Heartstoppers was well worth the price of admission!  Great props, awesome scares and enthusiastic actors make this haunted house a must see for all of you haunted house lovers. You can even get your picture taken with "real" ghosts. Don't waste your time with Slipknots, that was just lame!  Loved going down into the basement which is creepy by itself. Don't miss this one!

Walter G. Avatar
Walter G.
5 star rating

This place was great.

I will go back next year and I will bring more people.

It opens at 7 pm so get there early.

The lines form fast.. buy your tickets online and get the red wrist band!!!  

The roving  zombies will pose for photos

No pay parking.

Kevin F. Avatar
Kevin F.
5 star rating

Great haunted house, great talent, sets, and really creepy ambiance! I see alot of complaints here about lines, which is kind of a B.S. thing to rate a haunted house or really any amusement park by. When you go to disneyland, or sunsplash, or anything like that, do you rate it by the quality of the lines? No! You rate it by the quality of the attractions! Besides, it's you're own fault if you get to a place 2 hours after it opens and have to wait in a long line. If you get to heartstoppers early, like we did,... read more

Cristelle T. Avatar
Cristelle T.
5 star rating

Took my kids ages 8-12 for their first time.  The costumes/make-up and characters were awesome.  The kids loved the scary carnival games in between going to the four different haunted tours. We are definitely going to make this an annual excursion!

gina o. Avatar
gina o.
5 star rating

Great haunted house, even for me who is scared of the dark.  There are 4 different ones to experience and some general ambiance. They have an awesome feature that you can get pictures taken all dressed up with friends/family, for an additional fee. It's scary and the actors are really into it and want to make it worth the money you spend.

Brian C. Avatar
Brian C.
5 star rating

2nd year back and just as fun as last year, hands down best haunt in the area, get there early and lines are not terrible. The new Malice in Underland was far superior to Bayou last year. If you are expecting Universal Horror nights you should go to Hollywood, if you are looking for a fun night out and a great time go to Heartstoppers...

Eshe S. Avatar
Eshe S.
5 star rating

Best haunted house I've been to in years. Very much worth the money. They not only get u in the haunted houses by while u wait to get in. I was very much impressed. Can't wait for next year. I've already told tons of ppl about it!

Scholl L. Avatar
Scholl L.
5 star rating

Wow!!! This is an incredible haunt! A perfect blend of good scares and artistic theming. This features several haunts...2 themed ones, an underground "dark" haunt and an outdoor one. The creaters went all out with theming leaving no stone unturned. The underground haunt had a beautifully created cave that really transports youand I must admit, this one was amazingly unerving...very creepy! .  As a former haunter, I know what this kind of work entails and these folks have really outdone themselves. Lots of special effects, both projection and animatronics, not to mention excellent actors whoreally were into their characters. I... read more

Gaby K. Avatar
Gaby K.
5 star rating

This was an awesome haunted house! I was screaming so much that I lost my voice for a whole week. It was all worth it!

James V. Avatar
James V.
5 star rating

Old West themed Haunted House. I came for the zombie clown hookers and zombie clown hookers is what I got.

There are 4 different houses all included for $20..$30 if you want to go in fast pass lanes (if you come early the lines really aren't that bad though.)  It is pretty scary! Lots of jumps and very creative rooms with lots of ideas.

For the value and time spent actually in the haunted houses (30-40 minutes) it is definitely recommended! Check it out!

Ashi C. Avatar
Ashi C.
5 star rating

So much fun!! You might not expect much since it is at the abandoned downtown plaza, but it's actually great! Costumes are great as well as the acting. Each one of the four stops scared us in one way or another! Check them out while they are here!

Chelsea N. Avatar
Chelsea N.
5 star rating

This haunted house was impressive as always. There were four haunted houses and the first one we waited in line for took almost an hour and a half. After that one we went to the ticket booth and asked to pay the upgrade fee to vip. They were extremely accommodating and allowed us to upgrade without hassle. We finished the other three in an hour and had a blast. Words of wisdom are just pay the extra ten dollars a ticket because it's well worth it. 🙂

Barbara D. Avatar
Barbara D.
5 star rating

Great time! Took two teenage girls who really loved it! The Tombs of Shadows was too much for one of them, its claustrophobic to say the least. Malice in Wonderland was very cool with elaborate costumes that were very detailed. The decor is fun, festive, and spooky! Tons of photo opportunities with props or actors that are walking around! Refreshments sold inside (water, sarsaparilla, root-beer, etc) Bathrooms inside and out. Parking wasn't bad, felt far but the walk was easy.

Jessica L. Avatar
Jessica L.
5 star rating

Fantastic! I'm old, so I remember a brief period in time when this place was the "Mine Shaft" and had a mini-golf course in the basement. Some of the old miner décor is still visible, only adding to the creeping ghostly charm!  

-Tickets, 20 bucks plus a dollar each charge for using debit instead of cash. Total for 2 people 42.00, steep but when you see how well everything is done you'll be surprised you didn't pay more.

There are 4 "Haunts", one upstairs, 2 in the basement and one (my favorite) outside. They all had different themes: The Deadlands, Dr... read more

Sara R. Avatar
Sara R.
5 star rating

Heart stoppers is my absolute favorite haunted house to go to. Specifically for the tomb of Shadows. It's completely pitch black and you get lost very easily. It doesn't need actors to scare you, your mind does the job which I think is way more scary. Tickets are reasonably priced! Worth the trip.