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Our Haunts & Mazes at Heartstoppers

At Heartstoppers we have a team of people who spend the entire off-season designing these haunts for you. Experts in many fields like movie making, script writing, fabrication of animatronics and so much more. We all come together to create a truly unique and terrifying haunted house experience.  With us now being able to build year-round, these attractions are all going to the next level in detail and scares.

Every corner of our haunted house is crawling with menacing monsters, unstable tortured souls, reanimated bodies and insane figments of your imagination.  Heartstoppers Haunted House will leave you wanting more!


Definitely a thrilling fun experience...

Loved the whole haunt look & haunt staff. Everything/everyone was detail spooktacularly on point. Would definitely come back & recommend for sure. Had a great time, thanks.


Loooove this night of fright!!!

Went last year for the first time and have been anticipating going back ever since. Makes you feel so alive!


2nd year back

and just as fun as last year, hands down best haunt in the area, get there early and lines are not terrible.


Get Your Grin On!

Our Wandering creatures are everywhere, and they love taking pictures!

Why Wait?

When the lines start getting long, consider ponying up for the Fancy Pants Ticket.

Wheelchair Accessible

All haunts are wheelchair accessible with ramps or elevators where needed. Please let us know if you or your group needs assistance.