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New for the 2019 Haunt Season

Only here at Heartstoppers Haunted House



We never hold anything back, and 2019 is no exception!

We are excited to announce an entirely new attraction – a  terrifying and immersive haunt designed to paralyze you with fear. Check back when the counter above ends for details.

We are also excited to tell you about some new, great changes:

  • The Saga of the Ghàst family continues, Steamghàst Asylum has jumped ahead 12 years and is now known as The Ward. A museum and hospital research facility with a dark secret.
  • Deadlands, the original zombie western haunt, is being greatly expanded to include some outdoor interactive scenes along with several new buildings.
  • Underland is being upgraded to incorporate many new characters and trippy 3D effects.
  • The dark catacombs of Murk have been shifted around with new creatures around every corner. How fast can you find your way out?!


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