New for the 2021 Haunt Season

Only here at Heartstoppers Haunted House

Last year Heartstoppers brought you a unique and terrifyingly fun drive thru haunted house, with Heartstoppers: Redemption, Zombie Laser Tag Haunted Drive Through. For 2021 though, we are back with our full walk through haunt. With all the trained actors, amazing animatronics and other tricks we have learned after doing this for 14 years, we are ready to get you screaming once again! 

The Haunts:


The original zombie western haunted house is getting a complete makeover! Travel into Deadlands and hear the stories of its undead inhabitants’ tales of revenge and retribution, from Kerosene Kate to Jacob “the mute,” all the way to the infamous Cyrus Lynch. Will you survive the greed, filth and horror of the undead west? Learn more about Deadlands

The Ward

The Saga of the Ghàst family continues with The Ward—a  museum and hospital research facility with a dark secret. They are currently “accepting” donations of body parts to build the ultimate reanimated creatures, for use around the home. What could go wrong? Learn more about The Ward.


Underland is being upgraded to incorporate many twisted new characters and terrifyingly fun 3D effects. We hope you will join us on this warped adventure to help find Alice. Learn more about Underland.


The dark catacombs of Murk have seemingly shifted around on their own, with many new creatures around every corner. Will you find your way out before The Bile or the Ancient Witch find you, and keep you in the dark forever?! Learn more about Murk.

Deadlands: Retribution

The original zombie western haunted house is getting a complete makeover. Travel into Deadlands and hear the stories of its inhabitants. Tales of revenge and retribution, from Kerosene Kate to Jacob “the mute”, all the way to the infamous Cyrus Lynch. Will you survive the greed, filth and horror of the undead west?

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Dr Lash’s Sideshow

Return of Dr. Lash and his cast of freaks! With his traveling carnival now set up outside the town of Deadlands, you will experience prize-winning games, circus performers, food and drink, moving pictures, wandering creatures and more. 


On Opening Night (Friday, October 1), and every Saturday night in October, we invite our customers to join us for an outdoor performance of our show “Retribution!” Learn the back story behind each of our haunts, and the creepy characters living in them. .



zombie laser tag

Zombie Laser Tag

Combat Laser Overload has joined with Heartstoppers again, to bring you the most immersive and interactive zombie survival game. Now with an expanded arena and two different game types available. You will take on the living dead…or possibly each other, with the most advanced laser tag equipment in an attempt to stay alive and escape the zombie hoard before you get infected!

Inside Vendors

Inside the Mineshaft building, you will find several vendors selling their creepy wares. Paintings from Jon Lowe, Creepy dolls by Gorgeous Gore, Candles and Decor by Lady Fright’s Emporium and Fortune Telling by the incredible Brenda. Come in and take a look, you will be dying to buy some goodies!



Pat Patty Avatar
Pat Patty

OMG it was amazing. The last one aka the Tomb of Shadows really got me b/c it was pitch black & you haas to feel around to see where your going. Sooooo much fun and it wasn't over the top crazy scary, but still good. 😀

Kevin Hall Avatar
Kevin Hall

It took almost 2 months to build this exciting heartstoper experience. Free parking ,easy access. All the people leaving say they had a great time. I've even seen alot of people return for more fun.. And there's more fun than just the haunted house. You must try it.

Rhonda Gage Avatar
Rhonda Gage

My Favorite haunt in our area... worth seeing EVERY YEAR... often twice... great location, lots of parking, get in on the early bird ticket purchase before they open... buy on line...

Take the family... not too small of kids...

No one touches you... have fun!

Blake Samples Avatar
Blake Samples

Heartstoppers is by far the best haunted house in the area. The theme at this haunt is western and the venue and set design reflects this in spades. Four separate haunts are included with the ticket.The actors, effects, scenery and set design are superb. Every year which heartstoppers has been in existence, sees the story and scares evolving into a more soul shattering experience which plays on the primal fears of humans. This haunt takes you into a realm of fear, where other haunts fall short.

I give this haunt a 10 out of 10.

Don't rush through this haunt, you should immerse yourself in the terror of this experience!

Pamela Meloni Avatar
Pamela Meloni

I've never been to a haunted house that made me jump, until Heartstoppers. The participants were friendly, helpful, and fun. They were experts at freaking you out. This place was very wheelchair accessible too. My son was able to experience all four areas. The costumes were outstanding. I do recommend the fancy pants wristbands though. All in all a scary great time.


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