New for the 2022 Haunt Season

Only here at Heartstoppers Haunted House

For 2022, we are back with our full walk through haunt. With all the trained actors, amazing animatronics and other tricks we have learned after doing this for 15 years, we are ready to get you screaming once again! 

New Haunt for 2022: The Blightwoods

The evil in Deadlands has infested the ancient woods behind the town. Now three women from The Ward have escaped into these woods. Drawing upon the power of the forest with occult magics and ritual sacrifices, they are bringing the woods to life to exact their revenge upon those who dare enter this dark forest.

Jonathan Kimber

The sensory deprivation and overstimulation of the Murk, alone made this great. My second time to Heartstoppers, and they stepped up their game this year. The 3D Alice in Wonderland themed haunt was trippy and amazing. The Ward as always delves into the minds of madness with a twist on insanity. But to ve fair and honest The Deadlands felt a little lackluster though, it didn't have the same punch or impact the others did.



For 2022 we’re expanding our outdoor show  “Retribution!” and performing the show hourly so all our guests can learn the back story behind each of our haunts, and the creepy characters living in them.

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Inside Vendors Are Back

Inside the Mineshaft building, you will find vendors selling their creepy wares. Paintings from Jon Lowe, Creepy dolls by Gorgeous Gore, and Fortune Telling by the incredible Brenda. Come in and take a look, you will be dying to buy some goodies!

Food Available to Purchase Every Night

Tacos International offers delicious tacos and a variety of sauces, and a plethora of refreshing augas frescas.

Bubblecone offers both sweet and savory options stuffed in a bubble cone waffle. Fill it with ice cream and your choice of topping, or chicken with your choice of chipotle, sriracha, buffalo or cheese sauce.

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