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Get the Full Experience

How to get your money’s worth.

We feature the full haunt experience while also creating a fun carnival extravaganza. We have hours of entertainment to offer at our park. Make sure you bring your friends and/or your whole family.

Combat Laser Overload ™ 


Western Zombie Survival

This is a $10.00 ticketed attraction for ages 8 and up.

You will be immersed in an interactive laser tag experience where you will take-on  zombies and each other in the old west. You will be provided the most advanced laser tag equipment produced by Battle Company and have seven minutes to get out of this sickened town and back to your family and friends before you become one of the infected.

Good Luck because our zombies are VERY hungry.

Capture the Moment

We have full-out haunted western sets & decor, Vintage-style guillotine, prison stocks, and themed haunted booths with free-roaming ghouls, zombies, and nightmarish creatures that will sometimes wander and photo-bomb your selfies.

Step into the Past

Feeling kind of parched? Need to catch your breath? Well, step on up to our antique western saloon bar serving fresh old-fashion lemonades and Doc Brown ice-cold water. Make sure you tip the bartender; otherwise he might have a bone to pick with you.

Unlimited Terror

Enter if you dare! Enjoy these gauntlets of terror and horror, as you experience some of the scariest moments in your life. Why wait! You can enjoy each of our Haunts anytime while avoiding the long lines using our “FancyPants” ticket

Stake your claim

If you survived the night, grab yourself a piece of history with your very own souvenir from Heartstoppers own gift shop. Our kiosk has shirts, sweaters, hats, gag gifts and all sorts of trinkets for you to buy or gift to friend. Heck, we’ll even sell you a new pair of Heartstoppers underwear for those with a weak constitution. No, we get it – you just spilled “water” on your pants – sure you did.

Novelty Ghost Photos

Lolliphotos is back and proud to be partnering with Heartstoppers in our original home, The Mineshaft!  We have been capturing ghosts in our photos for all most 10 years and sharing them with our customers – from little ones to grandmas too. Each year new ghosts join our old friends to pose with you. Don’t miss your chance to get your memory making photo with whoever decides to join you!

What will our theme be this year? Come find out and create fun memories with your friends and family to enjoy! Warning: now and then you might feel a cold presence or hand on your shoulder while you pose, but don’t be alarmed.  Most of our ghosts are friendly. Make sure to come visit us while touring Heartstoppers.  We welcome couples, families, groups, parties… you name it!  And feel free to come in costume for even more fun!

Cost is $25 for digital photo that will be emailed to you right away.  Prints are available for an additional $10. For more information and to view our past photos, visit our Facebook Page at:


IG: @lolliphotospictures