heartstoppers haunts background

Heartstoppers Is Back!

Experience the Brutality, Greed and Filth that was the Undead West!

We are Sacramento area’s longest running, highest rated and consistently popular haunted house, Heartstoppers. With the most dedicated crew in the business, who do it for the true love of Halloween and to hear you scream! We are going into our 14th year, with hundreds of 5 star reviews from fans across the state, 2021 and beyond is looking outstanding!

The fear will stop, when your heart does.

You Want More?

Step Into The Past

Feeling kind of parched? Need to catch your breath? Well, step on up to our antique western saloon bar

Capture the Moment

Plenty of things to see and do. Western Sets & Décor, Vintage-style horror devices just waiting for you to trigger!


We can rave on and on about how we are the best, and why we are the best, but…

Get Ready for this Crazy Experience

We have hours of entertainment to offer at our haunted park

We Are Opened

Oct 1st – 31st

For 13 Nights Only!