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All tickets sold Online Only — Tickets not available at the door

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General Admission Ticket

1 ticket per person – Unleash Your Fear with Our Most Popular Ticket

GA Ticket for Heartstoppers 2023. Access to all four haunts, plus ghost town carnival. Our most popular ticket!

$ 33  

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Fancy Pants Admission

1 ticket per person – Choose the Luxury of Less Waiting & More Screaming

Fancy Pants ticket for Heartstoppers Haunt 2023. Access to much shorter wait times via a dedicated queue line. Less time waiting, get to the screaming! All four haunts and ghost town carnival. Also includes 2 tokens to play two haunted carnival games.

$ 49

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Six Pack of GA Tickets

Best Value! – Grab a Discounted Bundle, Brave the Fright Together

Save on a six-pack of General Admission tickets. Select six tickets, and a $18 discount will be applied at final checkout. Discount only applies to the first six tickets. 
(Not available for Oct 27th or 28th.)

$ 30 each / 6 tickets min.  

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Large Group Rate – General Admission

Group Thrills for 13 or More

General Admission tickets for Groups of 13 or more. 
(Not available for Oct 27th or 28th)

$ 26 each / 13 tickets min.   

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2 Carnival Games

$5 for two carnival games – Test Your Skills and Win Big

Two Tokens to play Two carnival games in the outside Ghost Town. Win Prizes!!
(Included with Fancy Pants Ticket)

$ 5

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5 Carnival Games

Best Value!

Two Tokens to play Two carnival games in the outside Ghost Town. Win Prizes!!

$ 10

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Tickets will not be sold at the door. Use our online ticket portal to purchase your tickets before your visit.

Parking is $5 – CASH ONLY


Hours of Operation:

Doors open at 7:15 pm.

We will stay open until everyone with tickets has gone through.


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2023 Schedule:


September 29, 30, October 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 31


Admission Costs:


Tickets start at $33
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Payments Accepted:


Presale Online Tickets Only – Visa, MC, Apple & Google Pay
(small fee with cards)
Parking: $5 (Cash only)



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Join us for our live show, Retribution, 15 minutes after the hour, every night in the carnival area.