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About Heartstoppers Haunt

Sacramento’s  longest-running and highest-rated haunted house

There is a lot about us that you might not know.

Heartstoppers is going into its 15th year as Sacramento’s premier haunted house. For about 5 years before going ‘pro,’ we loved building a home haunt for Halloween night. Our goal was always simple; to give trick-or-treaters a great time while making them squirm in terror. Now going into our 15th year as a professional haunted house, we have taken that love of Halloween to the next level.

For 2022 we are back to haunt the Mineshaft!

There are many stories about this building being haunted. Stories of security guards who refuse to go into the basement again, because of what they experienced. Microphones picking up a girl laughing and outsiders seeing figures walking by the glass windows, when the place is empty and locked up. Real or not, you be the judge. Either way it will be one hell of a show when we intermix the supernatural with the high tech scares and our highly trained actors! We will get you one way or the other.

Our Mission Statement


“We want to create lasting memories of fantasy, fear and fun. By continually upping our game, delivering exciting new haunts, and heart-stopping scares, we’ve provided Sacramento’s best horror amusement extravaganza.”

— Heartstoppers Team

Our History

We’ve grown considerably over the years, starting off with two brothers throwing fake feet off of rooftops, to working side-by-side with some of the top haunts in the country. We strive to create truly unique and new ways to terrify our fans. With this philosophy, we consistenly provide Sacramento’s best haunted house!