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Safety and Accessibility

Heartstoppers Haunted House

Safety is our #1 concern! And so is scaring the hell out of you… So, we guess we have two #1’s.

  • Lose Something? Our staff is located at the Saloon to help with issues of lost items, lost kids, or lost and scared parents.
  • Well communicated – Any and all issues can be directed to the nearest staff member as we remain in contact via two-way radios.
  • We have Security and we know how to use them. Keep your hands to yourself. Heartstoppers is more than happy to get rid of anyone who decides to ruin the fun for everyone else. And if another guest is ruining YOUR fun? Please contact our easily identifiable Security staff, and we’ll take care of it.

Stupid COVID-19

Our favorite little virus, Corona, can’t take a hint and is still lounging around, so we are taking necessary precautions to try to keep our customers and staff safe.

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Our Park is meant for mostly anyone… …mostly

But seriously, some aspects of our show are extremely scary, so children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult if they are going into our haunted houses.  You will know your children best, use common sense please.  Our actors will give the same level of scares to all ages.

Is Heartstoppers wheelchair accessible?

Yes. We do our best to be handicap accessible inside the attraction, there is an elevator to take you to all levels of the building. The outdoor haunts are on slightly rough terrain, but still accessible. If you require assistance, please check in with an HHH employee and they will help you through the houses.

Who shouldn’t come?

You will be exposed to intense scenes, loud noises, fog machines, air blasts, strobe/flickering lights, and extended periods in total darkness.  Heartstoppers is not recommended for pregnant women, persons with heart, back or breathing problems, persons prone to seizures, young children, or cry babies!

Will the actors touch me?

Being a dark environment you might get accidentally bumped into.  You will never be grabbed, struck or intentionally touched.  General rule is don’t touch us and we won’t touch you.

Our Park Rules


Every amusement park has them.

We make sure that everyone is having fun while also being terribly scared. And we can only do this as long as we all follow these simple rules.


Rules of the House:

  1. No Smoking or flames of any type
  2. No running and pushing inside the haunts
  3. No photography or videos inside the haunts
  4. Flip flops and high heals are a silly thing to wear to a haunt, maybe don’t.
  5. No masks or face hiding makeup
  6. No prop weapons
  7. No drinks/food inside the mazes
  8. No chickening out. We do not build our haunts with escape doors; you have to make it all the way.
  9. No Crybabies.

Have any questions?

If you have any concerns or questions about safety or accessibility, please let us know here.