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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ticket Questions

Can I buy tickets when I get there?

Yes. We offer online and onsite sales. You can purchase your tickets at our ticket booth, with no fees if using cash. Small fee will be applied if using credit/debt card, both onsite and online. Purchasing online will save you time at our busy ticket booth; just walk up to our Online & Will Call ticket window. Please note that Group Sales can only be purchased online.

Do I need to print my tickets?
Printing at home is recommended. But if you have your smart phone, we can also scan them at the ticket booth.
Can I change the date or time of my ticket?”

If you purchased tickets for a date that you are not able to attend, your ticket will be honored for any other day we are open. If the price has changed for your new date, you will have to pay the difference or be given a refund. (Oct 19th and 26th are slightly higher)

If you’re running late we will put you into the next timeslot. We will not turn you away, you will get in.

If you have other ticket related issues, email us at 


Is there a kid’s price ticket?
Sorry, No. All pricing is the same regardless of age. We do have a free common area where the scares are a bit less. Some parents will stay with younger kids in this area while the older ones go all the way in.
Are there any refunds if it's too scary for me?
We have a ‘No Refunds’ policy.  You came to a haunted house to be scared, we did our job, therefor there is no reason for a refund.  If you buy a ticket but chicken out before entering the haunts, (it happens, a lot) your ticket can be used for entry another day.
What about parking?

There is plenty of paved and lit parking. A cash only $5 parking fee per car is collected as a fundraiser for local Rancho Cordova non-profits. Depending on how busy we are that day, it might be a 5-8 minute walk from your car.

General Questions

When is the best time to visit?
Early in October will be best.  Most people don’t start thinking about haunted houses until closer to Halloween. If you outsmart them and come the first few weeks, it will be far less crowded.
Is Heartstoppers scary?
Yes, our haunts are very scary. We love the sound of your screams!
What age is this for?
Most everyone!  Some aspects of our show are extremely scary, so children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult if they are going into our haunted houses.  You will know your children best. Use common sense, please.  Our actors will give the same level of scares to all ages.
Who shouldn't come?
You will be exposed to intense scenes, loud noises, fog machines, air blasts, strobe/flickering lights, and extended periods in total darkness.  Heartstoppers is not recommended for pregnant women, persons with heart, back or breathing problems, persons prone to seizures, young children, or cry babies!
How late can we come and still get in?
As long as you show up during the ticket booth operating hours, you will get in.  We don’t close the haunts down until everyone that bought a ticket has had a chance to use them. If you plan on purchasing a ticket for Committed: The Ride, please arrive one hour before closing.
How does the 30 min ticket window work?

The idea is to stagger when people get there, to minimize waiting times. Please try to arrive within your 30 minute time slot. If you’re running late we will put you into the next timeslot. We will not turn you away, you will get in.

Haunt & Entertainment Questions

How long is the wait?
It depends. First few weeks, the wait is usually very short. As it gets closer to Halloween, specifically on a Friday or Saturday night, the wait can be long. The closer you come to opening time (7:30 pm) the shorter the wait. We do offer a Fancy Pants ticket that offers a much shorter wait by giving you access to the Fast-Q lines.
How long will it take to get through everything?
Every group is different, some take their time while looking at all the detail we put into our show, while others look down and just run through.  Depending on the day you come, expect to stay with us between 1-3 hours.
Will the actors touch me?
Being a dark environment you might get accidentally bumped into.  You will never be grabbed, struck or intentionally touched.  General rule is don’t touch us and we won’t touch you.

Parking & Park Questions

What about parking?
There is plenty of paved parking. A $5 parking fee per car is collected as a fundraiser for the non-profit Boy/Girl Scout group from Rancho Cordova.  Depending on the day you come, it might be a 5 minute walk to the haunt location from your car.
Is Heartstoppers wheelchair accessible?
Yes. We do our best to be handicap accessible inside the attraction, including an elevator to take you to all levels of the building. The outdoor haunts are on slightly rough terrain, but still accessible. If you require assistance, please check in with an HHH employee and they will help you through the houses.
Im Hungry? Food? Drinks?
Yes, we will have a selection of food and drinks. Quantities and variety will depend on the night.
Is this the haunted house that has 13 floors, and you get your money back if you make it all the way through?
No, there is no such haunted attraction! We are however the only place in Nor Cal that offers 3 stories of terror, including underground tunnels.

Random Questions

Can I wear a costume?
Yes, you can wear costumes to the haunted house! However, we ask that you not wear a mask, have on heavy special effect makeup or carry a prop!
Are you open if it’s raining?
Yes. The waiting areas are both inside and out, so please dress appropriately.
I have a weird question…
Please email us. We won’t judge.