Find Alice in this mind-bending haunted house before she finds you.

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The Blightwoods – New for 2022!

Try to escape the infected woods and its newly awakened vengeful creatures

The legend of The Blightwoods starts at The Ward, a place of horror in its later years. Dr. Ghast, the establishment’s owner, was known to be cruel. Three of his patients, sisters from the nearby town of Deadlands, were what he hoped would be his greatest accomplishment. After injecting them with a sample he found in Murk, he watched in horror and delight as the substance corrupted their minds and bodies, eventually killing them. He left the room frustrated by yet another failure, but when he returned, the three had vanished.

Legend has it they escaped into The Blightwoods, a forest that sits directly behind Deadlands and above the catacombs of Murk. Clearly plagued by the dark forces surrounding the woods. It is said that the women, known as the witches of the woods, have learned to harness that dark energy to posses the plants and animals, whether dead or alive, in order to exact their revenge on Dr. Ghast.


Matt Polapink

Holy crap I need to sign a five page waiver to get my kid on a pony ride but here you hand over your cash and walk in. Not sure how they can do this without the lawyers shutting them down but get there before they do. 5 different haunts that are each worth the price of admission on their own. The actors were all amazing! Super scary, creepy and well done! From a parent perspective I would recommend that kids be at least 10 and brave ones at that. Beyond that if you have a good ticker and want to do something unique this Halloween season go for it!


Features & Experience

creature Underland huants gold iconFantasy Horror

creature monster haunt gold iconMonster Creature Types

games gold iconMind Games

fog and smoke gold iconFog & Smoke

loud sounds gold iconLoud Sounds

Intense Visuals

  • Loud Sounds
  • Strobe Lights
  • Insanity Themes
  • Dizzying 3D Effects



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map gold iconOutside – Straight out double doors, across bridge.

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13+ yrs old, Wheelchairs OK, Fast-Q Available

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Gore Meter



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We're Back for 2022

September 30th – October 31st

For 13 Nights Only!

Ticket Sales Open September 2nd

We have hours of entertainment to offer at our haunted park