Find Alice in this mind-bending haunted house before she finds you.

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The Blightwoods – New for 2022!

Try to escape the infected woods and its newly awakened vengeful creatures

The evil in Deadlands has infested the ancient woods behind the town. Now three women from The Ward have escaped into these woods. Drawing upon the power of the forest with occult magics and ritual sacrifices, they are bringing the woods to life to exact their revenge upon those who dare enter this dark forest.


Blake Samples

Heartstoppers is by far the best haunted house in the area. The theme at this haunt is western and the venue and set design reflects this in spades. Four separate haunts are included with the ticket.The actors, effects, scenery and set design are superb. Every year which heartstoppers has been in existence, sees the story and scares evolving into a more soul shattering experience which plays on the primal fears of humans. This haunt takes you into a realm of fear, where other haunts fall short.

I give this haunt a 10 out of 10.

Don't rush through this haunt, you should immerse yourself in the terror of this experience!


Features & Experience

creature Underland huants gold iconFantasy Horror

creature monster haunt gold iconMonster Creature Types

games gold iconMind Games

fog and smoke gold iconFog & Smoke

loud sounds gold iconLoud Sounds

Intense Visuals

  • Loud Sounds
  • Strobe Lights
  • Insanity Themes
  • Dizzying 3D Effects



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map gold iconOutside – Straight out double doors, across bridge.

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heartstoppers flourish decor accessible


13+ yrs old, Wheelchairs OK, Fast-Q Available

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Gore Meter



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We're Back for 2022

September 30th – October 31st

For 13 Nights Only!

Ticket Sales Open September 2nd

We have hours of entertainment to offer at our haunted park