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A desolate town infected by the walking dead.

Far out in the west there used to be a town, known as Deadlands. The streets were lined with shops and houses, and the saloon was never empty. Folk came from across the country to try and get their hands on the silver that was being dug up in the mines below. Unfortunately, a lust for riches often leads to a rise in crime. This made Deadlands the perfect hunting ground for bounty hunter, Cyrus Lynch. He was absolutely ruthless. If he was hunting you, he’d find you. Cyrus had a trail of bodies that followed him, and you can only imagine the shock he felt when those bodies started rising. 

After a group of miners accidentally dug their way into an ancient catacomb, some kind of virus started spreading throughout the town, a virus that made the dead walk. Now, the shops and houses have been boarded up, and the once bustling streets are still and silent, except for the occasional corpse strolling by. The only living person left is Cyrus Lynch, who has sworn the rest of his life to stopping this infestation from spreading outside of the town of Deadlands.

Xxammi Nation

It's so worth the drive, got the fancy pants admission and it was such a great time! They even give you tokens to play the games there. I would definitely be going next year I loved every single little detail in that place. It was spooky and parking was great! Thanks for the experience! They had four different haunts, lots of places to take photos and the characters were top notch.


Features & Experience

western style gold iconWestern Horror

zombie gold icon hauntsZombie Types

gun fire simulation gold iconGun Shooting Simulation

Traps & Jump Scares

Gore Imagery

intense warning gold icon heartstoppersIntense Visuals

  • Air Blasts
  • Strobe Lights
  • Spiders
  • Loud Simulated Gunshots




map gold iconOutside, Turn Right out double doors



13+ yrs old, Wheelchairs OK, Fast-Q Available

Gore Meter



We're Back for 2022

September 30th – October 31st

For 13 Nights Only!

Ticket Sales Open September 2nd

We have hours of entertainment to offer at our haunted park