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A desolate town infected by the walking dead.

This town was where Cyrus Lynch, a brutal bounty hunter, had been hiding out. Once while searching for  gold, he ventured into an abandoned mine underneath the Deadlands. Not being an expert in the use of dynamite, Cyrus unknowingly angered something down there while trying to  gain access to a new mine shaft. This caused anyone (and anything) that had previously died in Deadlands has risen from their graves.

After trying to destroy the walking dead, Cyrus resigned himself to trapping the undead and putting them back underground in the murky catacombs. But watch your step! Cyrus has set up traps for the reanimated dead and the town is still infested with these walkers who are hungry for revenge and flesh… And they are not known to be picky eaters.


Pat Patty

OMG it was amazing. The last one aka the Tomb of Shadows really got me b/c it was pitch black & you haas to feel around to see where your going. Sooooo much fun and it wasn't over the top crazy scary, but still good. 😀


Features & Experience

western style gold iconWestern Horror

zombie gold icon hauntsZombie Types

gun fire simulation gold iconGun Shooting Simulation

Traps & Jump Scares

Gore Imagery

intense warning gold icon heartstoppersIntense Visuals

  • Air Blasts
  • Strobe Lights
  • Spiders
  • Loud Simulated Gunshots




map gold iconOutside, Turn Right out double doors



13+ yrs old, Wheelchairs OK, Fast-Q Available

Gore Meter



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September 30th – October 31st

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