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Deadlands: A Desolate Town Infected by the Walking Dead

The Town of the Living Dead

In the distant western frontier, there once thrived a town known as Deadlands. Its streets brimmed with lively shops and bustling houses, while the local saloon never saw an empty seat. Folks from all corners of the country flocked here, drawn by the promise of silver that lay buried deep within the mines beneath the town. Yet, the insatiable desire for wealth often begets a surge in lawlessness, and Deadlands became the ideal hunting grounds for the relentless bounty hunter, Cyrus Lynch. His pursuit was unrelenting; if he was on your trail, he’d find you. A trail of lifeless bodies marked his path, but nothing could have prepared him for the horror of those bodies returning from the grave.

 A group of miners, in their quest for riches, unwittingly breached an ancient catacomb, unleashing a mysterious virus upon the town. This malevolent virus transformed the deceased into relentless walkers. Today, the once-vibrant shops and houses stand boarded up, the lively streets reduced to eerie silence, broken only by the occasional meandering corpse. The sole living survivor is Cyrus Lynch, who has vowed to spend the rest of his days containing this undead infestation within the confines of Deadlands, lest it spread beyond.

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Features & Experience

western style gold iconWestern Horror

zombie gold icon hauntsZombie Types

gun fire simulation gold iconGun Shooting Simulation

Traps & Jump Scares

Gore Imagery

intense warning gold icon heartstoppersIntense Visuals

  • Air Blasts
  • Strobe Lights
  • Spiders
  • Loud Simulated Gunshots



Gore Meter



Xxammi Nation

It's so worth the drive, got the fancy pants admission and it was such a great time! They even give you tokens to play the games there. I would definitely be going next year I loved every single little detail in that place. It was spooky and parking was great! Thanks for the experience! They had four different haunts, lots of places to take photos and the characters were top notch.


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