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Misery Mine

In the depths of darkness, Misery Mine beckons the brave souls willing to venture into the unknown. As you step inside, a chilling silence engulfs you, broken only by distant echoes and the faint sound of dripping water. Prepare to lose all sense of direction as you navigate through the narrow, claustrophobic tunnels, shrouded in complete darkness. No ordinary lights will guide your way – only a feeble glow stick to provide a glimpse of the horrors lurking in the shadows. As you move cautiously, the unsettling whispers of long-forgotten souls echo around you, heightening your anxiety. Misery Mine replaces the infamous Murk haunt, and it’s designed to push the boundaries of fear, making it an unmissable experience for thrill-seekers who crave a chilling and spine-tingling adventure.

Features & Experience

zombie gold icon hauntsUnknown Beings

claustrophobia iconClaustrophobia

darkness iconComplete Darkness

Unimaginable Visuals

intense warning gold icon heartstoppersWarning Do Not Enter

  • Complete DarknessĀ ???
  • Feeling Lost
  • Claustrophobia
  • Maze Difficulty



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Matt Polapink

Holy crap I need to sign a five page waiver to get my kid on a pony ride but here you hand over your cash and walk in. Not sure how they can do this without the lawyers shutting them down but get there before they do. 5 different haunts that are each worth the price of admission on their own. The actors were all amazing! Super scary, creepy and well done! From a parent perspective I would recommend that kids be at least 10 and brave ones at that. Beyond that if you have a good ticker and want to do something unique this Halloween season go for it!