The Ward

Heartstoppers Haunted House

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The Ward

A research facility, that is exploring the levels of death, in an attempt to prolong life.

Just outside of the town of Deadlands, there’s an abandoned medical research facility. It was founded by the esteemed Dr. Ghast. In its early days, the establishment conducted experiments in the attempt to find cures for illnesses and diseases, but as time went on, a madness began to take over Dr. Ghast. As this madness grew, he became more and more violent, and so did his studies.

It wasn’t long before The Ward turned from a hospital to a torture chamber. Ghast’s cruel experiments drove his patients mad, and hungry for revenge. The Ward is always looking for new patients, but it is said that those who check in, never check out.

Shokiu Jane

I had an amazing time when I went with my brother. The actors were amazing I had a favorite in particular he was outside and his make-up was skeleton like and very silent and creepy which was a very great twist. The props were very detailed and very fun to look at as well. The timing for the actors were perfect so I'm guessing they were trained well. All of the haunts were amazing and my favorite would have been the Asylum.


Features & Experience

steampunk style gold iconSteampunk Horror

killers gold iconInsane Killer Types

Asylum Setting

sparks flash gold icon heartstoppersSparks

dangerous criminals gold iconDangerous Criminals

loud sounds gold iconLoud Sounds

lazers gold iconLaser Lights

Intense Visuals

  • Loud Sounds
  • Strobe Lights
  • Sparks
  • Visuals of torture and experimentation



heartstoppers flourish decor location


map gold iconUpstairs, Top Floor

heartstoppers flourish decor finishing

heartstoppers flourish decor accessible


13+ yrs old, Wheelchairs OK, Fast-Q Available

heartstoppers flourish decor insignia

heartstoppers flourish decor gore

Gore Meter



heartstoppers flourish decor warning

We're Back for 2022

September 30th – October 31st

For 13 Nights Only!

Ticket Sales Open September 2nd

We have hours of entertainment to offer at our haunted park