The Ward

Heartstoppers Haunted House

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Blake Samples

Heartstoppers is by far the best haunted house in the area. The theme at this haunt is western and the venue and set design reflects this in spades. Four separate haunts are included with the ticket.The actors, effects, scenery and set design are superb. Every year which heartstoppers has been in existence, sees the story and scares evolving into a more soul shattering experience which plays on the primal fears of humans. This haunt takes you into a realm of fear, where other haunts fall short.

I give this haunt a 10 out of 10.

Don't rush through this haunt, you should immerse yourself in the terror of this experience!

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The Ward

After the atrocities of the Steamghàst Asylum were discovered, the property was turned into a museum and research center. At least from the outside…

For many years Steamghàst Asylum, located outside the town of Deadlands, was illegally treating their patients with steam powered torture tanks and brutal electroconvulsive therapy. During this time everyone inside began to lose their sanity, one by one everyone was either killed or escaped.

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12 years later it was cleared out by a distant relative of the Ghàst family. It was turned into a museum and research center, to promote mental and physical health.

Rumors that some of the escaped doctors ended up back there, to either make amends for their atrocities or continue their work, are unsubstantiated.

In Deadlands, if the wind is just right, you can smell the most unusual odors coming from the old asylum. It’s probably nothing, just coincidence…

Features & Experience

steampunk style gold iconSteampunk Horror

killers gold iconInsane Killer Types

Asylum Setting

sparks flash gold icon heartstoppersSparks

dangerous criminals gold iconDangerous Criminals

loud sounds gold iconLoud Sounds

lazers gold iconLaser Lights

Intense Visuals

  • Loud Sounds
  • Strobe Lights
  • Sparks
  • Visuals of torture and experimentation



heartstoppers flourish decor location


map gold iconUpstairs, Top Floor

heartstoppers flourish decor finishing

heartstoppers flourish decor accessible


13+ yrs old, Wheelchairs OK, Fast-Q Available

heartstoppers flourish decor insignia

heartstoppers flourish decor gore

Gore Meter



heartstoppers flourish decor warning

HHH is currently working on our 2022 season!

Check back for updates.

Tickets & Payment


Admission Costs:


Starting @ $29 - Pricing Varies Depending on Date 
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Payments Accepted:

Presale Online Tickets Only – Visa, MC, Apple & Google Pay
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Parking: $5 (Cash only)


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Hours & Details

Gold Dates

October 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31


Hours of Operation

Doors open at 7:00pm Saturdays & Sundays
7:30pm on Thursdays & Fridays

We will stay open until everyone with tickets has gone through.

* The closing time listed above is for the ticket booth. Attractions are not closed until everyone with a ticket has gone through.