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COVID-19 is a pesky rascal and should not be taken lightly!

Our favorite little virus, Corona, can’t take a hint and is still lounging around. So here is a few things we are doing to make sure everyone stays safe below.

COVID-19 Plans and Procedures

We care deeply about our family of staff, customers and greater community during this COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that you along with your family, have always put trust in us to provide a safe and fun experience. Therefore, we’ve taken as many measures to ensure everyones absolute safety.

While this year will be completely different, we aim to provide a fun experience for all in compliance with government guidelines. We continue to follow government policy changes, CDC guidelines, and government mandates. We will make appropriate changes if needed.

While we recognize our plan meets, and often exceeds, local guidelines, it’s meant to guide and indicate the measures we’re committed to, in keeping everyone safe.

The following will serve as our plans for the 3 nights of our event. We hope you will join us!

  • It will be mandatory for all cast and crew to wear a mask while on site. Zero exceptions.
  • When crew arrive to check in, their temp will be taken, if it’s above 100 they will be sent home.
  • Makeup chairs and counters will be disinfected between each actor.
  • Makeup Artists will be in 3xPPE (Gloves, eye wear and masks)
  • There is no sharing of costumes & props this season. Each actor keeps their equipment until the end.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available to crew at all times.
  • During the show all scaring will take place 6’ away from customers.
  • We will have additional staff cleaning all high traffic areas with disinfectant at least every 45 min.
  • Laser Guns will be sanitized between each vehicle.
  • All customers will be required to stay in their cars.
  • Only pre-purchased tickets will be accepted. No cash or cards accepted at event. Merch can be purchased via website, then picked up in pre-bagged bundles